About Peak Natural Health

Hi! I’m Jane,

I am the owner and founder of Peak Natural Health. Here we love to help people easily release excess weight, without fasting, exercise or fad diets. We use our holistic hybrid system that helps people increase their health and vitality and reach their Peak Health!

I am a qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist who is passionate about helping you restore your health and quality of life through a personalised, holistic and friendly approach.

At clinic we help you figure out the root cause of your ailments, help educate you to understand your body better and to support and walk beside you every step of the way as you achieve your Peak Health naturally.

Aside from running the clinic, I am a wife and mother to 3 children. Personally, and as a family, we have had our fair share of health issues, and to be honest some frustration when we didn’t always fit the mould with traditional health care and education systems. The frustration of seeing Dr’s, getting a diagnosis (or not!), but still not being able to restore our health.

My passion for health, and doing things in a natural, holistic way that works with how we were designed has always appealed. Combined with the need to find answers to the health issues of the family saw me enrolling to complete my studies as a mature student.

From there I created my clinic space in the beautiful Roleystone hills to be an extension of all parts of my life. I love to open my doors to journey with people to believe for better, and to help them achieve health and wholeness in their lives. This opportunity now extends to those across Australia as we easily combine telehealth appointments.

Using nutrition, herbs and natural therapies is a wonderful way to help you achieve your peak health.  In 2017 I became the first clinic in Western Australia to introduce the world-renowned metabolic balance program, and have since seen hundreds of lives changed. 

Seeing lives quickly transformed by providing a truly natural, and uniquely  personalised solution, is in stark contrast to the variety of generic diets, bars & shakes that are available that encourage yo-yo dieting. Offering an alternative that gives you the opportunity to learn not only the right foods for you but to incorporate a long-lasting healthy lifestyle is really rewarding and our clients love it!

If you would like to find out more, or book a complimentary 15-minute consultation to see if we can help you, then click below.  Alternatively, check out our ‘book now’ for further information on our most popular programs.


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Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Adv Dip Naturopathy
  • Adv Dip Nutrition
  • Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine
  • ANTA award for Outstanding Achievement in Nutrition
  • Dry Needling
  • Aromatherapy
  • Naturopathic Emotional Release
  • Solving Allergy and Reactivity
  • Metabolic balance
  • Female Hormonal Conditions
  • Vitae Mosiac – Naturopathic Functional Medicine
  • Vitality Longevity and Healthy Ageing Program (VLA now Metascan)
  • Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
  • Probiotics in the treatment of eczema
  • Stress, inflammation and hormones
  • Diabetes management
  • Mental health and nutritional deficiencies
  • Biocompatibility food program
  • Resolving hormonal HPA & circadian complaints in women
  • Dementia

I’m a member of: