Immune Protocol Package


Peak Natural Health’s Immune Protocol Package contains the following immunity-boosting formulas: Multi-mineral Formula; Manuka-C, Moly Zinc and an e-recipe health book.



The Immune Protocol Package is the following items sold together as a package lot:

Multi-mineral Formula:
Compiled by a local scientist it is a daily multi-mineral supplementation with significantly high bioavailability, providing support for cardiovascular, immune and nervous system health. 60 tablets. Free of wheat products, nuts, dairy and artificial colours.

For optimal health and immune support. A lovely combination with vitamin C and manuka. High dosing of vitamin C should only start at the first signs of illness and should not continue without consultation after 7 days. 105g orange mango flavoured powder.

Zinc Is particularly important in over 300 systems in the body particularly around immune function, prevention of infections and upper respiratory tract. 60 tablets. Free of wheat, nuts, dairy.

E-recipe book:
Immune, gut and brain enhancing e-recipe book.


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