Upon booking your initial consultation you will be sent a health questionnaire to complete and return 3 days before attending your appointment.  Completing this gives us an opportunity to assess your past medical history and health status prior to your appointment enabling us to utilise the most of our time during our first consultation. It is important to carefully note any current medications or supplements in order that potential interactions can be fully checked.  Health rebates are available on face to face consults for nutrition consultations. 

Complimentary Phone Call

This is an obligation and cost free 15 minute phone conversation for you to share your health concerns and find out whether seeing me is right for you. 

Metabolic Balance / Wellness & Weightloss Initial Appointment


For those who know they wish to receive their personalised Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan, start with this initial consultation.  In this appointment we will take your health history, ascertain your suitability for the program, undertake relevant testing, organise pathology and complete relevant paperwork. Your subsequent appointment,  a week later, we will usually be able to present you with your plan ready to commence the program. This option is suited for those who wish to commence Metabolic Balance or join the wellness and weightloss programs.

‘Reaching Your Peak’ Initial


This is the ultimate program for those wanting a complete reset!  If you think this might be you, then book in for this initial to discover more…… We will complete a health and goals assessment alongside completing all the relevant testing and paperwork for you to receive your personalised nutrition plan.

This program is a deep dive to bring about a complete, holistic reset – starting with a personal audit, goals and vision, moving into balancing your body with foods that will bless and bring about health and vitality. We look at removing blocks and barriers that have prevented you being successful with previous programs with our unique ‘Peak Potential’ that uses a combination of EFT/NER/NLP.  Part way through, you will begin working with a personal trainer who will look at your needs and design a program for you – whether that is strength, movement and rehab, or toning with cardio – your needs will be met.  A hybrid program that offers daily support and accountability, weekly coaching as well as private 1-1 sessions. This really is the ulitmate, holistic re-set program for those motivated for change, and would love the support to reach their Peak!


Subsequent Consultation


During these follow up appointments we monitor progress, adjust treatment plan in light of relief of symptoms or new issues arising.  Diet, herbal or and nutritional supplements may also be adjusted.

These consultations usually last for 30 mins.

Herbal and/or supplements may be dispensed during the above appointments, but generally kept to a minimum.   

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